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The spot of “Healing” of modern Japan in “Power Space/March Issue”

keisai1 screenshot“Sacred water by the revelation of Onisaburo Deguchi?!”

She have received revelation approximately 20 years ago, and cosmic energy water has begun to spread. This is an article of the time.
It introduces that a large number of experiences and scientific data changed. (About the changing of a mineral in examination of water, The public health center says “there is not usually such a changing.” )
In the measurement of the editorial department, a mineral water in a plastic bottle was used. ( A mineral water in a plastic bottle is being used for personal cosmic energy water. ) Unlike tap water, the bleaching powder is not included originally, the pH is 7.2.
Therefore in a limited examination item, the change was small, but if it was a narrow examination, the clear change would appear. It followed that hypothesis was confirmed.

A result of the examination of water > Relation with Onisaburo Deguchi >
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“Anshin Life/September Issue” ( Magazine for member of Anshin foundation )

keisai2 screenshot

“She was attracted to the merit of silk goods, and developed the bedding made by silk in the convincing material and manufacturing method.”

Products of Midunokai made by the precious nature material and the techniques of the traditional artisans. Those are pure domestic production “The bedding of silk and silk cotton” and products of the natural crystal.
The introduction contents are as follows. The process before completing the silk bedding. Experience in herself. Thorough preferences up to details that reflected the demand from persons with an allergy and sensitive skin.

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“Space Ship vol.3.01” of “Star People”

keisai4 screenshot“Regain my original pure heart by cosmic energy water”

Cosmic energy water that is, original natural living water. That is base for living, and protects us from the water and air and foods and many invisible influence which surrounds us.
circulation that cosmic energy water flows into the environment and it comes back again, is spread. By it, it tells that our mind and body and global environment in the critical situation become clean.

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“Signature/May Issue” ( Magazine for member of Diners Club )

keisai3 screenshot“100% domestic, it uses only a thing of nature. The reliable bedding.”

It does not use the chemical and the medicine at all. “I wish that everyone use it in a relief.” A product of Midunokai “The bedding of silk and silk cotton” came true by such thought.
It is cool in the summer and warm in winter.
It holds off mites and dust.
18 kinds of amino acids necessary for the human body are absorbed through the skin.
The power of superior natural materials of the silk are attracting an attention.

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