Foresee all

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I receive message from cosmos, and foresee all.Japanese >

menu_kantei3Anyone says, her power to foresee all is 100%.

Can you talk to somebody your true mind, while keeping a pure heart?
Message from cosmos responds to your true mind.

I receive message from cosmos on the spot when you ask, and answer all.

I answer about work or a house, love, family relations, soil, a place, etc.
For example, I can answer, when you are at a loss about the choice of a school or the hospital.

Please ask by email or fax.


Basic fee ―― One time(per case) 10,000yen~

※ I may decline a request by the name.
※ “Foresee all” is not astrology or numerology, tarot fortune-telling, palmistry, etc.
I receive message from cosmos, and answer.

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