Importance of the water (cosmic energy water)

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“Midu(cosmic energy water)” is sent from cosmos. Japanese >
All creatures on the earth, it are an animal, a plant, soil, and it is kept alive with the water.

The water occupy 70% of our bodies, and it drifts in the air, and enters our body from breathing and food and skin. The water is the most important.

We should not be careful about only drinking water, and medicines are scattered from the water which flows when you turned a faucet, and are full of it in the rooms. We will always breathe it in.

By converting water, it becomes the water which cosmic energy entered, and unnecessary things are removed, and both a person and the earth improve.

Cosmic energy is originally indispensable for land, vegetables, the sea, an animal, the tree, all creatures on the earth.

Cosmic energy arrived before the earth became dirty so much, and the water was filled with vitality. It is blocked by the dirty atmosphere and does not reach the earth now.

瑞の大切さI was given power to take cosmic energy on the earth.

Both the mind and the body are separated from cosmos and nature, and the people of suffering are increasing. A lot of medicine is employed with the appetizing vegetables seemingly. The fish is so, too.
One is small, but it gathers, mixes in a body, and diseases are created. However, the people do not know the causes, comes to use the medicine there, too.

The human being has been actually sent on the earth to be kind to an animal and soil and grass and food. However, the human being destroys them.

The moment when water flows out of a faucet, I convert it.
The reason is because waterreceives bad effects before flowing out of a faucet.

Rain pours on the earth, flows through the water pipe, flows out of a faucet. However, the good water does not flow.

The foreign scientist wrote the documents it. They know that water receives bad effects, However, they are grieving because a solution is not found.

The water which I converted does not change semipermanently unless you change faucets.

By cosmic energy water, a cell of dirty and weak resistance regains an original state and work, revives mental and physical health.

Cosmic energy water has power to regain “natural healing power”.
And a person and the animal and the plant and the soil, all is purified, I wish that the earth shines lively.