Shari stone

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It was known for a long time that Shari stone was washed ashore
on Sharihama of Horozuki in Aomori.

goods_舎利石2Shari means Buddha’s ashes. Buddhist priests came to look for Shari stone from Nara to put it in Five Storeyed Pagoda. Shari stone was presented to the Emperor Showa, was placed in To-ji Temple in Kyoto. It is a very rare stone.

There is Shari mother stone of approximately 50 “ken” size near the beach. Shari stone was born from this mother stone, and it was washed on the beach.

These are Shari stone that the acquaintance who was in Sharihama had picked up since childhood.

goods_母石When the acquaintance was in the beach before, he looked like three Buddhist priests were looking for something, and he talked to them.

“We came to look for Shari stone from Kobe. However, there is much garbage, we can not find it.”

After having shown Shari stone in his house, They were impressed and said “Form and colors both are splendid. This is Shari stone.” He gave it to them.

Buddhist priests said “The person’s wish who have these Shari stone in its hand will come true by asking towards cosmos every day. But do not show a desire too much.”

Because Sharihama was filled up by shore protection works, Shari stone had not been washed on the beach. Therefore, it will be near that it becomes the stone of the illusion.

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