The Blessed Water

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(Introductory sentence from a certain person)


MIDU Sensei is a unique person who lives in Setagaya, TOKYO. 
She is blessed with a special “out of space” power, a sort of inspiration that can change tap water in each house into water with special healing powers.Once she has blessed the tap, the water becomes purified and inspirational to anyone who comes into contact with it.

How did she get this power? 
Today MIDU Sensei is very healthy and full of life, but she had poor health in her childhood. When she was four years old, she got seriously ill. Then she had a premonition that she was on her deathbed. 
From then on, she was able to see images that could not be seen by ordinary people. When she saw the person in front of her, she could use her telepathic gift to read their minds.

MIDU Sensei says, “ Heaven tells me all I want to know. It tells me through visions, not in words, which I understand. ” She can utilize an invisible power which is omnipresent in space and time.

We can live more than two weeks without food, whereas we cannot live even one week without water. Imagine how glad we would be if we have access to water with miraculous healing powers. That could give all one desires. Let me go further in saying that to live is to take in fresh, energetic water. It might be said that the condition of our body is greatly influenced by the chemical changes which water dictates in our bodies in an elaborate and mystical way.   

The water blessed by MIDU Sensei will change to one whose pH is 7.2, which is the perfect level for human bodies. The water will become enriched in iron. (This has been verified by the examination from the Health Center.) Drinking purified water or bathing in the blessed water stimulates human bodies to a higher physical and spiritual level.

The followings are the healing examples.

1.  A fifty-year-old man who had warts on his body said that almost all of them disappeared by applying MIDU Sensei’s energetic tap water on the infected parts of his body.

2.  A woman who had polyps in her intestines said they disappeared with in two months after drinking this purified water.

3.  A seventy-year-old woman who was suffering from senile cataract was healed in two months by dropping some of MIDU Sensei’s water into her eyes.

4.  A fifty-eight-year-old man who was suffering from heart disease has now recovered.

5.  As for a man who was suffering from dermatitis, his physical condition improved dramatically.

6. Another man who was bathed in this water had his back pains greatly relieved.

In November 1997, in answer to a request of some farmers in SAITAMA KEN and MIYAGI KEN, she performed an experiment on land severely polluted by chemicals. The local farmer had used commercial fertilizers and pesticides before. After being flushed with the blessed water, the land rapidly became productive and useful once more.

We can utilize this water for such purposes as healing human diseases (physical and psychological). 
We can utilize it in the removal of harmful pollutants from land and water.  At present, natural environment is being destroyed. We must recover the original vitality for our well-being. I firmly believe this Blessed Water will do this function. Therefore, I wish introduce to the world the essence of this special water for space.